Apple WWDC 2020 Keynote Prime Announcements Hand wash Alerts, Digital Car key and More

Author: Kumar Sree

Apple WWDC 2020 - For the first time Apple went on online streaming for its world wide developer conference. In general in this Apple WWDC, it announces it's upcoming changes, new features of it's iPhone, iPad, iMac and Mac Operating system.

Apple WWDC 2020

Auditorium hall used to fill with thousands of people from around the globe. But due to ongoing pandemic and self quarantine, the hall had desert look except the narrator. Apple had announced 18 major changes for it's products.

Apple IOS 14

Latest update of IOS 14 is reaching out sooner this year. Most importantly Apple is debuting new widgets in different sizes for its IOS loaded devices. Goal is to provide the user more efficient way of data rich information on the home screen. User will have the option to add more from the widget gallery.

App Library

Apple is adding a new app library and it will organize all the installed apps in the application categorically. Users those who often access devices in a hurry can have option to access their desired app in one single tap.

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Picture in Picture Feature

IOS 14 is going to contain a special feature - Picture in picture. If a user swipe away while watching a video, then a floating screen containing the video is going to appear. User can resize the video. This way user can surf through other pages while still viewing the video in PIP mode.

Apple Maps

IOS 14 getting beautiful feature in its map for cycle riders and EV users. it will get a view that lets EV drivers know where chargers are along their routes. It also alerts to increase the elevations.

Digital Car Key

Apple is going to introduce digital car key. It will start and shut down car with digital key. For now it is limited to BMW5 cars only.

Apps Clips

In IOS14, user are going to access Apps Clips. It allows user not to download the complete app. Use that much portion of a app which service you are looking for. It is quite similar to Android's Instant App.

Hand Washing Nudgets on Apple Watch

Its pandemic times and people must be alerted to wash hands. Apple watch introduced this feature. It alerts its user to wash hands. The program installed inside it monitors whether user spends the doctor recommended time to wash their hand. Otherwise it alerts again.

Nutrition Labels

Personal data leakage has been becoming major issues around the world. Internet connected device user have been constant threat about their personal data in the hands of wrong entity. But with nutrition labels of Apple devices, it informs which app using what data. It can help the user to monitor and restrict their personal data usage.

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