An Introduction to Javascript

Javascript is a client side scripting language. Unlike C, C++, Java, Javascript is used specifically to execute various task at the client side and it is a scripting language. Because Javascripts are executable by browsers only.

Introduction to javascript

What is a Javascript?

As mentioned earlier javascript is a client side scripting language. In lots of situation, we may require to accomplish various tasks at the client side before and after executing task at the server side.

If you are not aware of the difference between client side and server side, then read: Client Side vs Server Side

How do we use Javascript?

The best part, we can embed javascript codes in the HTML Webpage and also we can keep all the required javascript code in an external sheet and establish link to the sheet. Either way we can use javascript in our html webpage.

Why do we use Javascript?

  • Javascript helps us to execute various client side task easily
  • We are not required to install javascript engine separately.
  • All browser support Javascript
  • Javascript consumes less memory
  • It helps us to reduce down usage of server resources

Javascript Benefits:

  • Easy to learn
  • Lightweight
  • Less memory consumption
  • All browser supports
  • Can be transferred easily to any other server
  • No configuration settings required
  • Reduces down to save the server resource usage

Javascript Demerits:

  • If not used intelligently, can be good source for hackers to dig into the website
  • If set in external sheet, then it would complete the loading of the sheet first then would load the webpage
  • Consumes time before loading the webpage
  • If browser fails to load the javascript then it would impact the performance of webpage.