How to create project folder in xampp?

XAMPP is providing easy interface to execute various task easily. One of them is creating project folder(Directory). Lots of new learners are unable to figure out how to create project folder in xampp. Create Project Folder (Directory) in XAMPP Creating project folder in xampp is slightly different in windows and Mac os x. If you […]

How to start XAMPP in Windows and MAC OS X

XAMPP is a powerfull software that helps us to use our computer system as a server. It helps learners to practice web designing and development projects in a computer system. For new learners, xampp appears bit complex. Lets see how to start xampp. START XAMPP IN WINDOWS OS AND MAC OS X – Step by […]


XAMPP is a software from Apacefriends.org which helps us to use our computer system as server. XAMPP installation – step by step guide (for windows and mac os X) Before proceeding further, you must have good understanding of the difference between client side and server side. If not, then read following article: Difference between client side […]

Client Side vs Server Side

In most cases of web development world we may come across the two terms frequently: client side server side In reality, these two terms are not at all complex to understand. Very simple. As the name says client side is the computer system which a client is using. Who are the client? The one who […]


HTML video tags are used to place video file in a html webpage. Video tags, places the video in the html webpage. HTML VIDEO TAG Video tag- <video></video>. Video tag has closing tag too. Alike image tag, we need to provide the path of the video file in the video tag. Example: <video src=”video-file-name”></video> When […]


Using image tag (<img>) we can place an image inside a html webpage. But by default, what ever is the image size, it is going to place that image size picture in the html webpage. In lots of cases we may want to resize the picture. In our previous article example: <html> <head> <title>This is […]


HTML Image tags are useful to place image in a HTML webpage. Images are effective way of engaging audience with the content. IMAGE TAG To insert image into webpage we use image tag. “<img xxxx>” Example: <img XXXXXXXX> Wait, where is the end tag or closing tag? What are those xxxx…? Img tag has no […]

HTML – Heading Tags

HTML Heading tag is used to set the name of the webpage. (Don’t confuse with head tag). Heading tag is used to set text of webpage as heading. HEADING TAG Heading tag – ‘<h1></h1>’. Heading tag too has closing tag. If you notice unlike bold tag, italic tag and underline tag, heading tag contains number. […]


HTML bold tag is used to extra highlight a text. In webpage if we want to highlight a text, then we can use bold tag. (Highlight: text with extra dark colour and text size little bit larger than normal text size). BOLD TAG Bold tag- ‘<b></b>’. Bold tag too has close tag. Which ever text […]

HTML – Underline Tag

HTML Underline tag is used to underline text in a HTML Webpage. To stylise text or texts as underlined, we need to use underline tag. Underline Tag Underline tag – ‘<u></u>’. Underline tag too has close tag. Which ever text we want to set as underline stylised text, we wrap the text or texts with […]