For Web development, PHP is one of the important language, with out which we cant run a dynamic website. There were times when static websites were majorly used. As time passed, and demand raised, dynamic website occupied the entire internet space. With out a dynamic website, it is hard to provide user an engaging content. PHP is used to establish communication between server and user. (There are other server side languages exist but we primarily focusing on PHP in this PHP Chapter Series)

what is php?

  • PHP is short form for Hypertext preprocessor.
  • PHP is not a programming language or query language or markup language.
  • PHP is a scripting language.
  • PHP is a server side scripting language.
  • PHP cant be used from client machine
  • PHP script is always placed inside the server only
  • Current version of php: 7.2.6
  • Almost all major hosting servers are providing PHP 7.1.8 version

Official website of PHP is

If you are not aware of the difference between Client side and server side, then read : Client Side vs Server Side

Why php is used?

  • PHP is used to establish communication between client system and server
  • PHP is easy to script
  • Any one with basic programming understanding, can easily learn PHP
  • PHP is light weight scripting language
  • PHP provides efficient security features
  • PHP has good way of showing errors and common mistakes exist in a script
  • PHP script consumes less memory and hence fast in performance.
  • PHP scripts can be easily transferred from one server to another if required


  • PHP can be used along with HTML Tags
  • In HTML page, PHP codes can also used
  • PHP codes can be placed any where inside HTML Page
  • PHP Code can also included into HTML Page from external source.

How to install PHP?

In most of the hosting servers, PHP is pre-installed. The best part about hosting servers, they are not only providing the latest version of PHP but also provides previous versions of PHP. By this, developer who has developed their entire website with previous version of php can easily transfer to another server account.

What is the difference between HTML and PHP?

HTML is a markup language. It is used to structure the webpage, stylise the texts of webpage, insertion of graphics (Images, Videos) and establishing Hyperlinks. HTML webpages can run on the client system only. Therefore, Browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer) can understand and execute HTML Pages. Where as PHP is server side scripting language. It is used to communicate in between client system and server. Therefore PHP scripts can only be placed inside server and they run and execute inside server only.

What is the difference between PHP and SQL?

PHP is server side scripting language. But PHP too has limitations. Despite the database exists in the server, it can’t access the database directly. To access the database, SQL is required. SQL is Standard Query language. Its main job is to create table, update the information, fetch the information from the database table, and delete records & table if required. Most of the hosting servers provide MySQL database. MySQL is database engine. Where as SQL is the language using which we can access information from database.

Therefore PHP is server side scripting language and SQL is a Query language.

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Is PHP Front end or Back End?

Is php front end or back end, the answer lies in its purpose. The purpose of PHP is to establish communication in between client system and server. As we have discussed in one of the previous chapters, HTML, Javascripts are required to load a website in a client system. But when a client system need to communicate with the server, then server side scripting is required. PHP fulfils this requirement.

PHP is Back END

Is it easy to learn PHP?

Is it easy to learn php? Depends on so many factors. If you are looking for something light weight, easy to understand, and easily available then PHP is good option. With availability of various server softwares, using which we can use our own computer system as server and practice, PHP learning is no more a tough language to learn. The best way to learn PHP is to grab a tiny project and put all effort to accomplish it. This way one can learn PHP in little span of time.

But the root factor is good understanding of basics of PHP. It is going to help life long.

Looking for a software that can help to use your computer system as server, then install xampp. It is easy to install. It has inbuilt latest version of PHP. It has inbuilt MySQL Database.

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