Search Engine Optimisation for Bloggers, Affiliate Marketers and E-Commerce Owners

Author: Kumar Sree

Search engine optimisation is essential to rank a webpage in the search results. Organic traffic is the real source to grow fast and healthy in the internet world. For organic traffic we need SEO.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation is important to rank a webpage in the search results. Whether you are a blogger, application publisher, e-commerce store owner or e-book publisher, your biggest source of growth is highly dependent on appearing your webpage/ application in search results for a users query.

If you are a blogger, then you need readers at your blog site. One way is to pull reader is from social media websites. Another easiest way to pull audience to your blog site is through paid ads. But the real treasure for your site will be if your blog pages appear in search results for user's query in Google, Bing, Yandex etc. 

If you are an application publisher. Such as mobile game publisher, mobile app publisher, then you must want people if search in the app store some thing related to your application, then your app should appear in the search result, then you need to optimise your application data in the play store for search engines. 

If you are an e-commerce site owner, then also you are highly dependent on traffic that comes from search results. To achieve this, optimising webpage for search engine is must. 

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimisation is also known as "SEO". SEO is mainly focused towards obtaining organic traffic from search engines. Imagine, you have written a blog article about a certain topic but there are hardly 10 monthly searches on search engine then how would your webpage going to get traffic. Imagine again, you have written a blog article about a certain topic which has millions of monthly searches on internet, then definitely you are going to get good amount of traffic to your blog webpage. Therefore the first purpose of seo is to develop article around a topic on which there is a handsome monthly searches. 

The best way to understand search engine optimization in modern context, imagine your website is shop lets say mobile phone shop in a market. Now what would you do to grow your business?

You would decorate your shop in a fancy way so that lots of customer attract to your shop. You would keep store of those mobile phones which are high demand in the market. You would keep those employees in the shop who not only has good knowledge of describing the product but also good understanding of how to explain about a mobile phone technical details in a easy fashion. 

Does here the job of a successfull mobile shop business ends here? No. Mobile shop owner must have to advertise as much as possible. So mobile shop owner can advertise online and offline. Apart from paid advertisements, people speak about the mobile shop, how best it is. This mouth to mouth free advertisement also helps in growth. 

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In a broader sense a mobile shop business runs in this manner for constant growth. Blog site is also a shop in the world of internet. Online visitors are your buyers. When they visit your website they must be attracted by the theme of the site. Then they must get for what they are looking for. The data in the blog site should be so easy to understand that user should not visit any other site. 

A potential reputed website is the one whose web page links other websites share. Just like people talk about a best shop often in their general conversation. 

Lets put this understanding into conclusion.

1. We need to develop or write blog site, application page in play store, e-commerce site pages in a certain way

2. We need to create reputation for our site in the internet world.

These two approach can be referred in two terms.

1. On Page SEO

2. Off page seo

On Page SEO

If we make changes inside a webpage for search engines then it is on page seo. And if we manage to share links on other websites then that is off page seo. If we take all the steps required to make changes for search engine inside a webpage then that is on page seo. People often call on page seo as on page optimisation. The sole purpose of on page seo is to increase rank in the search results. In this approach, we set keyword embedded title, we write content in structural form, we change source code for high speed performance etc. There are plenty free tools available in the market which calculates on page seo score and guides to improve the score.

Off Page SEO

The sole purpose of off page seo is to create link of our webpage in other websites. This approach is also known as link building. Now, you must be wondering how can we create link of our website in some other websites. 

Blog commenting

So many websites are allowing to comment in their blog post. At comment section there is a place where we can share link of our website.

Guest Post Submission

There are plenty website which accept guest post. In this way, you embed your webpage link in the post article and submit. Upon approval you get backlink to your website. 

Social Bookmarking

There are websites which allow to bookmark your favourite webpages. Search engine gather information from those sites. So if you share your webpage links as book mark at those sites then in the eyes of search engine they are considered as backlinks.

Directory submission

Before search engine came into existence, people used to search in the web directories. But after search engine, they were no in use any more. But search engine crawl these sites. So today even if directory submission sites has no direct practical usage but they are heavily helpful for creating links. So submit your website at these directory submission sites. 


Search Engine Optimisation has two phase. 1. On Page SEO. 2. Off Page SEO. In on page seo a webpage is optimised for search engines. In Off page seo, we create links for our website.

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