SQL Stands for Standard Query Language. SQL lets us to create, delete, and manipulate databases. It is useful in handling structured data where there are relations between different entities/variables of the data.


  • With sql, we can create database or databases
  • We can manipulate values of database or databases
  • We can add new tables to database or databases
  • We can drop tables from database or databases
  • We can drop database or databases
  • We can store information into database
  • We can set permissions to execute certain task in the database (such as deletion of table or database)

How sql is different than any other programming or scripting language?

Unlike PHP, ASP, JSP (server side scripting language) and JAVASCRIPT, AJAX, JQUERY (Client side Scripting language), SQL (Standard Query Language) is a query language. Main job of sql is to execute queries.


How many employees of company are getting salary higher than 50000?

This can be achieved using SQL.

Where can we run SQL syntax?

To run sql syntax, manage database and tables, we are going to need a Relational Database Management System (in short RDBMS) software package. There are plenty but the following are used widely.

  • Oracle
  • MySql
  • Microsoft Access

For learning purpose we are going to use MySQL. If you learn any one RBMS Software then you can use any other software too.

If you have not installed xampp yet, then install it now. It will help you to learn lots of language easily at your own computer system.

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REMEMBER: MySQL is a software. Most commonly known as Relational Database Management System. In short RDBMS. Where as SQL is not a software but a query language. Using SQL syntax we are going to accomplish various tasks in MySQL. 

What are these tasks?

Such as database creation, table creation, data insertion, data deletion, table deletion etc.